Our Products

Neptune’s krill oils are 100% pure; they are free of potentially harmful levels of heavy metals and contaminants, and are Friend of the Sea certified.

The Friend of the Sea certification can also be transferred to our distributors who comply with the mandatory audit process.


Neptune pioneered the market with NKO®, its flagship product, clinically proven for heart, joint, women and brain health. NKO® is the gold standard of the krill oil industry with the highest levels of EPA, DHA, phospholipids and astaxanthin.

Neptune requires a cobranding policy for distributors who wish to sell NKO®. Distributors must also sign a licensing agreement.

NKO® is available in bulk softgels or in bulk oil in drums of 100 or 200 kilos.


Neptune launched a second krill product, EKO™. EKO™ is Neptune’s generic krill oil, which does not require a cobranding policy. The specifications are similar to NKO®’s and EKO™ is available at a more competitive price. EKO™ is only sold in bulk oil; however, Neptune has partnerships with companies that can offer bulk softgels.

NKA™ - Krill Protein

Neptune Krill Aquatein (NKA™) is a high protein ingredient used in the production of nursing feed for young animals. NKA™ is composed of dried krill meat, is low in fat, and has already shown its potential for animal growth performance in piglets.

  • High-protein de-fatted krill meal
  • Comes in dried flake form
  • Used as an ingredient in the production of nursing feed for young animals
  • Has already show its potential in piglet trials
  • Contains no preservatives