Intellectual Property
and Regulatory Affairs

Rigorous R&D is at the core of Neptune Technologies and Bioressources Inc.’s innovation and improvement for it's marine omega-3 products. Building and maintaining a robust intellectual property portfolio has always been Neptune’s priority, considered one of the most important strategic assets for both short- and long-term value creation.

To date, Neptune and its subsidiaries own 85 issued patents, 17 applications and numerous trademarks in more than 30 countries worldwide.

These patents protect Neptune’s product development and commercialization efforts and reinforce our leadership position in the global omega-3 phospholipid-based nutraceutical markets

In concert with our efforts to expand and protect our intellectual property portfolio, Neptune is also actively engaged with various regulatory authorities and has gained many approvals from Health Canada, the FDA in the United States, the EFSA in the European Union, the TGA in Australia, and from several other countries in South America and Asia. The regulatory approvals process, by which we are granted permissions to market the products and make certain label claims in different regions of the world, has grown increasingly stringent and complex. However, stricter regulatory standards help to enhance the credibility of our industry and to identify products that have been clinically tested and scientifically validated.

Neptune’s quality and regulatory affairs policies include compliance with the Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP, Certification No. 013569) for natural health products for Canada. Neptune is committed to successfully managing the quality systems that are key to its business activities.